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Middle Ear Implant System...

The World's Most Successful Middle Ear Implant System

Welcome. Hearing implants, such as the Vibrant Soundbridge®, may be able to improve quality of life for you or someone you care about. The Vibrant Soundbridge was created in 1996 to provide a solution for those individuals who were not candidates for cochlear implants but who also were not able to benefit adequately from traditional hearing aids. Unlike a hearing aid which only makes sounds louder, the Vibrant Soundbridge converts sounds from the environment into mechanical vibrations. This mechanical energy is used to stimulate middle ear structures for exceptional high frequency sound perception.

Today, the Vibrant Soundbridge is the choice of individuals who cannot use conventional hearing aids or who are unsatisfied with them and do not achieve sufficient benefit. The special design of the Vibrant Soundbridge makes it a reliable device that can be used in a very flexible way to optimally compensate different types and degrees of hearing loss.

The Vibrant Soundbridge Middle Ear Implant System Is An Innovative Alternative To Conventional Hearing Devices. It Is Designed For Individuals Who Have Been Diagnosed With Moderate To Severe Sensorineural Hearing Loss .
The technology of the Vibrant Soundbridge bypasses the outer ear in order to directly stimulate middle ear structures. The system consists of an internal and an external component.
The implant (VORP) is placed underneath the skin and contains a magnet to hold the audio processor over the implant. The main part of the implant is the innovative technology of the Floating Mass Transducer (FMT).
EXTERNAL Audio processor
head with a magnet and can be worn discreetly underneath the hair. The audio processor supplies the power for the implant system. It consists of the battery, a microphone and electronics responsible for digital signal processing.

The Vibrant Soundbridge Middle Ear Implant System directly causes the middle ear structures to vibrate. Vibration mimics the action produced by sound waves moving through the ear canal. This “direct drive” stimulation enables excellent sound quality without blocking the ear canal.

  1. Sounds are picked up by the microphone of the audio processor.
  2. The audio processor converts environmental sounds into electrical signals.
  3. The electrical signals are transmitted across the skin to the implanted part.
  4. The implant relays the signal down to the FMT (Floating Mass Transducer).
  5. The FMT converts the signal into mechanical vibrations that directly stimulate a middle ear structure (e.g., the ossicular chain) causing it to vibrate.
  6. These vibrations then conduct sound to the inner ear where they are passed on to the brain and are perceived as sound.
High Quality of Speech and Sound
Featuring direct drive technology, the Vibrant Soundbridge offers improved hearing quality and improved speech understanding, particularly in noisy surroundings.

Users report1 a significant improvement in clarity of speech and overall sound quality, including their own voice. Sound quality is generally described as "natural." Hearing in challenging listening environments, particularly with background noise is also very successful. Conversations in restaurants, in groups, within the family, and in public places can be enjoyed once again.

Many patients report that they are able to hear softer, high frequency sounds, such as children's voices. The transmission of high quality amplification in the high frequencies is particularly relevant for playing or listening to music.
Open Ear Canal
With the Vibrant Soundbridge, the ear canal remains completely open. Sound can be enjoyed without feedback or irritating whistling.

As the FMT is directly attached to a middle ear structure (direct drive) there is little or no acoustic feedback such as whistling.div>

If you, or someone you care about, cannot tolerate foreign bodies in the ear canal or requires a free or unblocked ear canal (e.g., professionally), the Vibrant Soundbridge may be particularly beneficial. Musicians and singers who wish to hear harmonics undistorted by the occlusion effect and who rely on good perception of high frequency sounds, can benefit from the direct drive design of the Vibrant Soundbridge

High Wearing Comfort
Patients rate wearing comfort with the Soundbridge as "very high." The unique design of the Vibrant Soundbridge allows the audio processor to be worn discreetly and comfortably.

The ear canal remains open, reducing or even eliminating problems associated with an obstructed ear canal (occlusion). Additionally, the Vibrant Soundbridge is easy to operate. Once the audio processor is placed on the head and fitted, no further adjustments are required.

Reliable & Flexible
Technical reliability goes hand in hand with positive long-term clinical experience and high user satisfaction. The Vibrant Soundbridge has proven to be an effective and reliable middle ear implant system for over a decade. Results from a large study which analyzed the long-term performance of users of the Vibrant Soundbridge show that the system offers good, stable speech comprehension over time.

The innovative, patented technology of the FMT includes a tiny magnet that consists of five components. This simplicity makes it a reliable device that has the flexibility to optimally compensate for different kinds of hearing loss

Latest Technology
Because the audio processor of the Vibrant Soundbridge is externally located, the user can always benefit from the latest technology – both now and in the future – with a simple equipment upgrade.

The Vibrant Soundbridge is a state-of-the-art middle ear implant system. With its semi-implantable design, it is able to take advantage of technological advances being developed now and in the future. The ability to upgrade the technology, and in turn upgrade the external portion of the Vibrant Soundbridge, is a significant benefit of the semi-implantable system. Even years after implantation, the patient can undergo a simple fitting and return home benefiting from the latest technology available.

Amadé Audio Processor
Leading the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE into a New Generation

The Amadé allows you to be in control of each listening situation. Users have a choice of three different programs which can be adapted to fit personal preferences. By simply using the push button, users can switch between programs effortlessly. For comfort to suit any lifestyle – whether in a restaurant, out with friends or in a meeting – users can always choose the optimal program with the Amadé.

Even when loud or unexpected sounds occur, such as silverware clattering against plates or the rustling of newspaper, the Amadé isolates impromptu noises and reduces them without interfering with speech signals. This new technology softens annoying noises giving users the independence to enjoy daily life.

Enjoy the Freedom
Enjoy the freedom of being outside or in the city, whilst still having the ability to hear sounds clearly. The intelligent technology constantly monitors the listening environment for wind noise, which, when detected, is automatically softened.

A New Way of Hearing
The intelligent technology of the Amadé distinguishes between speech and background noise. It focuses on speech and automatically identifies and reduces background noise. Hear your family, friends and colleagues clearly and enjoy communicating in a wide range of situations.

With the Amadé users can focus on sounds that come from directly in front of them. Dual microphone technology with directional mode gives you the comfort to reduce interference from the back and from the side. This feature is of benefit in noisy situations, such as at parties or in restaurants and gives you the freedom to understand immediate conversation clearly and distinctly.

The Amadé is available in four colors, providing users with the ability to match processors with different hair colors. The sleek design of the Amadé, together with a choice of color, gives users the confidence to wear the processor discreetly and comfortably under the hair.

Reliable and Flexible Technology for Superior Hearing Performance
The Vibrant Soundbridge is both reliable and flexible thanks to the special design of the VORP which includes the FMT. The VORP, or Vibrating Ossicular Prosthesis, is implanted in a surgical procedure in which the FMT is attached to a vibratory structure of the middle ear.

When activated, the FMT vibrates in a controlled manner specific to each patient’s hearing needs, causing the middle ear structures to vibrate. The FMT conducts a wide frequency range (up to 8,000 Hz), which is particularly relevant for listening to or playing music.

The versatility of FMT use has led to the successful treatment of various complicated middle ear conditions. For moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss, this treatment has proven to be safe, effective and reliable.

Dr.Lav B.Selarka philosophy is to preserve natural hearing. Therefore, the Vibrant Soundbridge is designed not to interfere with the natural ability of the hearing organ in any way because it is designed to preserve residual hearing.

The Vibrant Soundbridge Middle Ear Implant System is designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. This middle ear implant system is recommended for individuals who cannot use or are dissatisfied with conventional hearing aids for medical reasons.

Individuals interested in the Vibrant Soundbridge will undergo audiological tests and medical examinations to determine if the Soundbridge is a suitable treatment for them. Audiological tests will assess the patient’s type and degree of hearing impairment.

During surgery, the internal part of the Vibrant Soundbridge is implanted under the skin in the area behind the ear. The FMT is attached to a vibratory structure of the middle ear.

This type of surgery is a routine procedure for experienced ENT surgeons and usually takes one to two hours. The procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia. Your surgeon will counsel you concerning any additional details you need to know before the operation.

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Activation of the Vibrant Soundbridge
Approximately two months following implantation, users are fitted with the audio processor and the Soundbridge is activated. An audiologist or other hearing professional can counsel users concerning optimal use of the Vibrant Soundbridge.

If you would like to be referred directly to an implant center, or would like more information on the Vibrant Soundbridge, please contact us directly.

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